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 Stress Counselling  

"Expat families are very often reluctant to search for support, tending to feel that their situation is advantaged compared to the most of the population. Hence, expats often refrain from looking for psychological support for the issues regarded as “not as bad as other people’”. This is a conception that may lead to an unnecessary suffering and a delay in finding solutions for the matters requiring attention. We are all going through a difficult period, with many restrictions in our daily lives and routines. There are many forms of support available in the country and it can be easily accessed.


The UN system in Brazil counts on a Stress Counsellor, the contact with her is confidential and there is no formality or cost involved. All it takes is writing a message/e-mail/a phone message/sms or make a phone call. Our Stress Counselor supports families in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese, either in providing direct psychosocial counselling, support to critical incidents, professional and stress related issues. In addition, the Stress Counselor can make referrals or recommendations to external mental health professionals since a network is formed in several cities, also able to provide psychological and psychiatric support in other languages."


If you wish to have more information, please contact:


Alessandra Faustino

Stress Counsellor - Brazil

Critical Incident Stress Management Unit (CISMU)

Department of Safety and Security


T:+55 61 30389232 | Cel: +55 61 996335224


United Nations

Brasília – DF, Brazil | Casa da ONU Brasília, Room T 116, Edifício Zilda Arns 

 UNBRALESA events  

UNBRALESA organizes several events to connect and support our community:

  • Weekly Portuguese Classes

  • Monthly Networking Meetings

  • Annual Family Events, such as a Churrasco (BBQ) for all UNBRALESA families

  • Regular meetings of the UNBRALESA Steering Committee

  • Other events and activities to inform and connect our members

 Events in Brasilia  

Every day, many events take place in the city. The following resources may help you stay on top of them.

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