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Leisure & Nature

Clubs in Brasilia  

Most branches of government and professions have their own clubs. Everyone is welcomed to apply for membership regardless of whether they belong to the agency or profession of the club - ASBAC seems to be a popular option.


Many expats in the city, have joined the Iate Club and the Brasilia Country Club. Memberships are open regardless of your employer, but you must know someone at the Club who can vouch for you (for those who might not know anyone, I would recommend reaching out to the UNBRALESA WhatsApp group to know who might be a member). Both clubs offer pools, barbecue areas, tennis, soccer, and basketball facilities and lessons.

Other options are the Brasilia Country Club, they do not offer water sports, but they do have horseback riding. The Minas Brasilia Tenis Clube, it´s a good option to practice swimming, polo, tennis, beach tennis, soccer, footvolley and rowing classes, while Cota Mil Iate Clube it´s known for sailing and nautical activities. AABR offers sports and leisure activities in a beautiful location. For some clubs you are requiered to buy a membership, but the mayority will let you pay a monthly individual or family fee, without buying the membership. 

Nature to explore nearby Brasilia  

                                                                                                     *Links are for reference purposes only, not recommendations. *

Parque Olhos d´água – Asa Norte, Brasilia:  

Frequented by people who enjoy hiking and family outings, it has a wide variety of birds, small mammals, reptiles and a very diverse flora. These are characteristics of the Olhos D'Água Ecological and Multiple-Use Park.

Parque da Cidade – Asa sul, Brasilia:  

Parque da Cidade counts, in an area of ​​420 hectares, a series of attractions for all ages, such as barbecues, sports courts, playgrounds, squares, lakes, equestrian Center, restaurants and an extensive Exhibition Pavilion.

Brasilia Botanical Garden (Jardim Botânico de Brasília), Lago sul:  

The Brasilia Botanical Garden is predominantly composed of “Cerrado” vegetation, in excellent condition, which can be seen on the Interpretative Trails open to public visitation. Because of this characteristic, it is known as the “Jardim do Cerrado".

Copaibas Park (Parque das Copaíbas), Lago sul QI26-QI28:  

You don't need to leave the city to scape the concret jungle... just go to the Lago Sul QI 26 - QI28, to find a true paradise with 73 hectares of forest, fauna and flora typical of the cerrado. There are 4.3 km of rustic trails that go around the park and lead to a small waterfall, to a lookout with an incredible view of the JK bridge, and finally to Lake Paranoa for a swim.

Agua Mineral National Park - Sman - Zona Industrial, Brasília:  

The conservation unit arose from the need to protect the rivers that supply drinking water to the Federal Capital and to keep the vegetation in a natural state. The basic objective of the park is the preservation of natural ecosystems of great ecological relevance and scenic beauty, making it possible to carry out scientific research and to develop activities of environmental education and interpretation, recreation in contact with nature and ecological tourism.

Brasilia Zoo – Candangolândia, DF- 15min from downtown:  

It is a socio-environmental institution that develops actions focused on environmental education, conservation and preservation of Brazilian fauna. It has the privilege of being the first environmental institution created in the Federal District.

Tororó Waterfall (Cachoeira do Tororó) -Santa Maria, DF - 45min from downtown:  

It is located inside the District Park of Tororó and has 18 meters of waterfall. There is no well to swim. The trail to the waterfall is well marked and is easy to moderate. Good for those who want a waterfall near Brasilia that can take the elderly and children. The route is 2 and a half kilometers, takes about 30 minutes and goes along the river. The scenery is beautiful!

Chapada Imperial (ecological reserve) – Brazlândia, DF – 50 min from downtown:  

The Chapada Imperial is an ecological sanctuary 50 Km from central of Brasília City (Plano Piloto). It has ecological trails within the Cerrado Biome with more than 30 waterfalls. You can go for the day for the hiking trails, swim in the natural pools and stay the night in small chalets or camping.

Poço Azul Waterfall (Cachoeira Poço Azul) - Brazlândia, DF – 1h20 hours by car aprox., from downtown:  

Place near Brasilia to enjoy nature without spending a lot. Worth knowing! For those who want to venture further, it is possible to visit other waterfalls along the river.

Itiquira Falls Park (Salto do Itiquira) – Formosa, Goiás - 2 hours by car aprox, from downtown:  

Itiquira means “water that falls from above”. Itiquira Park is less than 800 meters from the entrance of the waterfall. You can see the waterfall from several places of the park. The chalets offer incredible view. Visit Salto do Itiquira and complete your trip in the water club, that offers swimming pools, saunas, water activities, heated pool, woods, rivers, food points, accommodation in chalets, camping area and much more.

Cristalina, Goiás - 2h10 by car aprox. from downtown:  

130 km from Brasilia, this city has the largest crystal reserve in the world. With great tourist potential, Cristalina reveals natural beauty, hospitable people and, still keeps that cozy atmosphere of a small country town.

Pirenópolis, Goias – 2h20 by car aprox., from downtown:  

Pirenópolis is the typical inland destination, its historic center and colonial houses leave you wanting to return even before the trip is over. The city and the waterfalls of the region are delicious for both a day trip and for those who want to relax on longer holidays. You will find beautiful inns to stay and good culinary options, museums, typical handicrafts and lively bars.

Corumbá, Goiás - 2h30 by car aprox. from downtown:  

A place to rest, relax and get in touch with nature or to have adventures? Here you have inns and camping, waterfalls, hiking, rappel, rafting, fishing and more.

Chapada dos Veadeiros – Alto Paraiso, Goiás – 3 hours by car aprox. from downtown:  

“Chapada” is an irrefutable invitation for ecotourism lovers. The region, which encompasses eight municipalities in the interior of Goiás, has as a main base for tourists the city of Alto Paraíso de Goiás, the Vila de São Jorge and Cavalcante. Most of the region's attractions are concentrated in these three locations, including the Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park and spectacular waterfalls, such as the Santa Bárbara Waterfall, which became famous for its Caribbean blue water. There will be plenty of bathing options and hiking.

Caldas Novas hot springs, Goiás – 4h20  by car aprox. from downtown:  

Famous holiday destination, Caldas Novas and its neighboring Rio Quente has been one of the great destinations of the Brazilian Midwest for decades. With one of the largest hydrothermal resorts in the world, the region has natural hot springs and therapeutic properties that have made local tourism emerge.

If you have any recommendations for our members, let us know!

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