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UNBRALESA, the Brazil chapter of the Local Expatriate Spouse Association of the United Nations, brings together and supports spouses and partners of international staff from UN Agencies located in Brazil, as well as the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and the Inter-American Development Bank. We are based in Brasilia and offer monthly events to connect our members, develop networking opportunities, and provide information on moving to Brazil, as well as living and working here.

Your participation in UNBRALESA is voluntary and free, and it’s our mission to welcome you and help to make our life in Brazil as easy and pleasant as possible.

Arkady 20200724_164957.jpg

Arkady, UN Women spouse

It has been more than twenty years that our family has been associated with the UN. Between me and my wife, there are five agencies and programmes operating in six countries. Only in Brazil, we have come across a full-fledged LESA. It's activities are very hard to underestimate, and the website reflects their scope. Moreover, the site is a great tool for newcomers, like myself, and old-timers in terms of practical guidance for living and working in Brasilia. 

Anna, World Bank spouse

Miriam, UNDP spouse

I arrived in Brasilia in December, a month with very little activity in the diplomatic circles… I thought I would die of boredom without my books or my things in a hotel room. Until a nice lady called from UNBRALESA and invited me to come on board! She took me out and showed me around town, we had coffee and suddenly, everything was right with the world again. I’m so grateful for that phone call and mini-tour! It made me realize I was not alone… 

When I arrived in Brasilia, I actually knew one person...and she introduced me to the UNBRALESA group! Within my first week I was at a Portuguese class with other newcomers and also got many tips from the seasoned expats living here! 

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